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10 Stages cheap jerseys cheap To Creating The Perfect Cufflinks

As one of the premiere and largest Personalised Cufflink manufacturers in the UK, Badges Plus strives to manufacture the best quality custom made cufflinks available. Enamel cufflinks are a specialty and the design will include a beautiful rendition of a logo or other personalisation. Custom Steelers jerseys cheap made cufflinks are a wonderful promotional gift for customers, clients or employees, and brand recognition of a company is enhanced. The manufacturing of personalised cufflinks involves ten steps, from design through the final inspection, carefully executed to the Buccaneers jerseys cheap.

Stage 1. Tooling Production
By creating the tooling necessary, right in our Birmingham factory, to produce the custom made cufflinks, we insure that the quality of the design will be upheld.

Stage 2. Press Imprinting the Design in Metal
Utilising up cheap jerseys cheap to 250 tons of pressure, the design of the cufflink is accomplished by loading metal into the press and imprinting it onto the tooling.

Stage 3. Clipping
Excess metal is clipped out, furthering the shaping. Any extra metal is then removed.

Stage 4. Welding the Fitting
Using silver solder, we weld the fitting on and then weld them together to creating a stronger attachment.

Stage 5. Polishing
A three barrel polishing procedure or Bears jerseys cheap careful hand polishing brings out the lustre in the cufflink. Because they utilise a higher level of polishing than badges, care is taken to ensure that personalised cufflinks have the desired finish.

Stage 6. Plating
The next step involves cleaning, wiring and plating.

Step 7. Enameling
This is the step when the logo comes to life. Colored enamels are applied to create the design and produce the finished cufflinks in the colors desired. Accuracy is maintained in this step, as the sections of the designs must have separate color applications. Our skilled enamelers are trained to accomplish this procedure and strive for the highest quality in reproducing a design or logo.

Step 8. Inspection
Each item is carefully inspected and approved to ensure that they meet our high standards and are items our clients will be proud to give or wear.

Step 9. Packaging
The finished custom made cufflinks are carefully packaged to your specifications.

Step 10. Dispatching
The finished and approved products are then dispatched and on their way to their destination.

Because of the 10 step manufacturing process here in our UK factory, our personalised cufflinks will be of high quality, and our inspection process ensures the products we produce exceed expectations. A perfect personalised set of cufflinks is our goal and you will be very satisfied with both the service and the products of Badges Plus. 



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