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All Things Not Being Equal Social Position In Persuasion

"Do not worry about holding high position; worry rather about playing your proper role." ~Confucius

This is a really great exercise to use to explore values and beliefs as they relate to dealing with your affluent prospects.

It has to do with the idea of social positions - of being "one up", "one down", or "equal" in social levels to another. Because there are so many variants to social position, these are just generalizations, but if you just think of them as one up, one down, and equal, you'll get it and you'll see amazing results with your affluent prospects.

I remember when I was nineteen years old and I wanted to go run a health spa for the company that I was working for. I went to louis vuitton handbags outlet see the vice president and I sat down with the guy and he says, "Well, what can I do for you today?"

And I said, "No, it's really what I can do for you. I realize you're probably going to think I'm a smart aleck, but I don't really care because here's the deal: I'm your number one salesman in the company. I hold every record there is to hold. Now you're going to make me the manager."

"Yeah, right," he said.

To which I responded, "If you don't make me the manager, I'm going to go to your competitor, the one next door to your strongest club, and I will run your club into the ground."

He looked at me and asked, "Are you serious?"

"Dead serious."

"You can't do that."

To which I replied, "What's stopping me?"

He said, "You're not good enough."

"Okay. Goodbye."

That was it. I got up and left. Subsequently, I recruited all of the sales staff who I had originally hired and trained, and brought them to the competitor's place at which time the old company had a fit and attempted to get me back.

This is an example of social positioning. What does that mean?

Whoever has the most power in a situation is the person who is 'one up'. There's absolutely no louis vuitton outlet judgment involved. One person is not better than the other.

This is also present in logical levels of though. If I'm eliciting your criteria about what it means to sell your house and get to the highest level of 'freedom', for you, freedom equals having your house sold.

You have to get comfortable moving from one level to another. When you are, you'll easily be able to move someone from one position to another by using their highest values and criteria to maneuver them.

Are you approaching everyone as a sales person?

Are you working from a lower level and supplicating yourself, saying, "I'm so lucky that you're even listening to me. Thank you so much for just a few minutes of your time"?

Stop it fashion trends. That's crap!

The goal is that you want your affluent prospects to immediately understand your value. To do this, you've got to come in as equals and quickly, flawlessly, move to a higher level.

This isn't about being an arrogant jerk. It's about learning to maneuver these levels as the situation dictates. Realize that these positions are completely in your head and they are entirely about your intention in the interaction.

Learning how to maneuver societal position will really help you to do better in your life because you're not just locking yourself into whatever feels right for you today, you're actually thinking love vogue about it. In turn, you become a more effective persuader. 




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