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Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

 Imagine, replica Louis Vuitton as you read this feature, that something completely catastrophic happens which has a direct effect on your business. It might be a natural disaster, a manmade tragedy, a simple accident, a flood, a fire, a freak tornado or a vehicle crash. Or it might be something as simple as a power cut or a water leak.

How would your business cope? Are you ready for such an incident? Have you a meticulously planned business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place? Given any of these circumstances do you know what you will do? And have you ever thought of using a call centre?

These are all incidents which are beyond your control, but they have the potential to render your business inoperable. In a split second, perhaps at the busiest time of your business calendar or at the critical stage of a contract, you may have lost some or all of your ability to talk to customers, clients and suppliers. There is an immediate adverse impact on your brand and the public perception of your company, which, in the end, translates into revenue losses. All because of Louis Vuitton Men something you couldn’t have foreseen . . . or could you?

‘Business continuity and disaster recovery’ is the jargon which basically refers to the measures you will have to take in order to stay in business after a disaster, how you might restore critical functions and, partially or fully, recover your business operations at the earliest opportunity.

Ensuring your business runs smoothly during a crisis is paramount, and must be planned for. For many companies, the loss of telecommunications is critical, and covering such emergencies forms an essential part of contingency planning and disaster recovery. Phone services may be lost for a range of reasons: from underground fires to extreme weather, security alerts or fire alarms. There is a significant amount of evidence to suggest that firms do not have adequate business continuity preparations in place – according to one piece of recent research 44% of businesses fail to Louis Vuitton Women Bags reopen after a fire, and of those that do, 33% fail to survive beyond three years.

Rarely is a business continuity plan a single unified plan. It is far more likely that it will comprise a set of specialised team plans and continuity strategies to get a business recreated, restored or relocated. Some of the plans will ideally be suited to outsourcing the functions that your business can no longer perform. When it comes to communications recovery, a call centre can provide cost-effective cover for any scenario that occurs.

What will normally happen is that a dedicated call centre account manager will work with you, ahead of time, to put a script together to handle most emergencies, establish what information needs capturing or exchanging during any Louis Vuitton outlet call, and set up an alternative number.

Once you advise the call centre that you are switching the line over, for whatever reason, its staff can route your calls through to their own agents who answer the phone, explain the situation, take messages and pass them on.

It’s a very simple solution for a problem you hope you’ll never have. But the peace of mind of knowing that a professional and dedicated team is prepared to step in at moment’s notice, in your time of crisis, is surely priceless. 




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