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Buy Wholesale Apparel In Panama

 With louis vuitton handbags outlet a large number of importers and exporters available, the supply of products is very big.

Types of wholesale apparel available in the Tax free zone in Panama You can find all levels of garment quality from very cheap low cost clothing to high end international designer brands.

*Low priced wholesale apparel. This represents a large portion of the market in Latin America and the Caribbean. Most of the products are news about bags produced in mainland China and India then exported to various tax free zones where it is dispatched to local markets. You have to remember that the average salary is much lower than in more developed regions such as the United States and European countries therefore the general population can generally only afford low priced items.

*Medium quality wholesale apparel. These products are characterized mostly vogue bags magazine by branded products manufactured abroad or in the region. This type of apparel are generally also available in boutiques and retail stores located in shopping malls or general shopping areas available to the public. These brands include Diesel, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Lacoste etc.

*Highly priced branded products This category includes highly priced accessories, scarves, ties mainly manufactured in Europe. Brands available in the Colon Free zone louisvuitton.com include Givenchy, Cartier, Fendi etc.

The Zona Libre de Colon also has a wide variety of other products from shampoos to powerful agricultural engines. Basically, you can find everything you need for your business in this very dynamic trading area. No matter what you are looking for, you will most likely find it.

The easiest ways to find apparel products in the Zona Libre de Colon is to browse on B2B marketplaces for Latin America such as www.mercatrade.com. Directories are also available once you arrive at the zone. 




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