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Christmas gift ideas for the unexpected visitor

 It C.J. Spiller cheap jerseys has happened to mostpeople around the festive period, at one time or another, the knock at the door, the leap into action straightening the cushions and lighting a perfumed candle. Then the slightly panicky feeling when you realise that your unexpected visitors are bearing gifts. This article will make suggestions for some inexpensive items you can have in reserve for this very eventuality and in doing so take away at least one opportunity for festive stress! Mark Sanchez cheap jerseys Before you even begin to get a few suitable gifts together it is a good idea to write out some gift tags out with the’ from’ part filled in your name. An important tip is to keep them together with the same pen, this way you can very quickly leave the room for a moment and fill the’ to’ section in with the recipient’s name! Your intentions will look.. jay cutler cheap jerseys. intentional. ♣ Candles make an excellent standby gift and with an array of shapes, sizes, colours and equally importantly- prices they are ideal. If you don’t have to be money conscious companies like L’Occitane en Provence or Jo Malone are a bound to be a luxurious hit with anyone male or female over the age of 20. More modest candles can be purchased from retailers like IKEA, the Tindra has a 30 hour burning time and comes in a variety of pleasant perfumes and a reusable glass container. Even the dollar store can yield plain candles you can put on a candle plate, dress up with free embellishments such as tiny pine cones and wrap in cellophane and ribbon. ♣ Wine is very acceptable as long as you don’t choose the very cheapest you can buy! Something mid-priced that you have tried yourself is perfectly acceptable if presented in a bottle bag or at the very least some coloured tissue paper and a ready inscribed tag (see above) ♣ Homemade jams, pickles and preserves are always welcome and can also be dressed up easily and cheaply with cellophane, cinnamon sticks and ribbons. ♣ Shop bought edibles such as boxes of chocolates or, luxury biscuit assortments, speciality tea in attractive containers even small bottles of olive oil are excellent and very acceptable gifts to hand over. ♣ For the younger visitor, the safest bet is probably to have some low denomination gift vouchers for major retailers, in envelopes with the cards filled in Ahmad Bradshaw cheap jerseys with your name and best wishes. These can be completed appropriately and quickly. The advantage of the ideas outlined above is that if you do not have cause to use them you can light the candles, drink the wine, eat the edibles and spend the vouchers in the post Christmas sales! In this way nothing need be wasted but you can still make sure you are not embarrassed either. 




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