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Detroit Lion News

 Unfortunately, Detroit Lion news is not news. These representative stories all seem to be something we've heard before.

Detroit Lion News item: NFC North standings

As of October 10, 2006 the standings put the Detroit Lion football team behind the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers in the NFC North. Losing games isn't Detroit Lion news, it seems to be a way of life. The Detroit Cheap Colts Jerseys Lions stand at No wins, 5 losses, and 0 ties.

Detroit Lion News item: 2006 Draft Picks

There is considerable debate whether Florida State linebacker Ernie Sims really deserved a draft in the 9th overall pick. Few people knew much about the candidate other than the draft fact sheet, and kudos from the staff at Florida State on his prowess. His history of head injuries - officially reported as five, but cited by Sims to be about three times that number-- makes one wonder if the player needs more training in tackling. Speaking of tackling, it sounds Cheap Patriots Jerseys as if Simms may have some violence issues. For a team whose leaders talk a lot about players “character”, not a lot of thought about how character translates into everyday life seems to have been done during the 2006 draft pick process.

Detroit Lion News item: Viking/Lion game recap

The Lions lost to the Minnesota team 26 to 17. Statistics show the Minnesota Vikings led in almost every measurement test including Cheap Bengals Jerseys a 135 to 16 net yards rushing statistic.

The Detroit Lions were ahead by 14 points entering the 4th quarter and gave it all away when the Vikings gained 23 points in the final segment to 0 for the Lions.

The Lions team has now lost nine of their last nine games against the Minnesota Vikings and all five of this season's games.

Detroit Lion News item: Player injuries

During the recent Viking/ Lion battle, the Detroit Lions lost three key players-Roy Williams, Damien Woody and Kevin Jones to foot, back and ankle injuries. A shoulder injury halted Shaun Rogers.

Detroit Lion News item: Traffic problems

With three major sports events plus a comedy show going on in Detroit this weekend, traffic is likely to be fierce and parking downright warlike.

Detroit Lion News item: techniques

The game strategy of the Detroit Lions has been Cheap Jets Jerseys. Coach Rod Marinelli believes the blame for continuing losses can be placed squarely on the lack of consistency in preparing for games and practicing techniques.



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