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Golf Psychology Using Mental Imagery to Improve Your Game

 So what is mental imagery?

In the Inner Golf Coach Audio program we look at how our mind assimilates information through our sensory inputs* or representation channels* and how we can use our understanding of this process to help recall memories or create images in our minds eye.

Mental imagery* is the specific application of this technique and it involves golfers imagining themselves in a specific environment or situation, performing a specific activity. The images should have you, the cheap Brett Favre jersey golfer, performing activities such as playing specific shots, closing out a game comfortably, playing the opening holes well, anything you wish to think about, however, you should always see yourself performing well and successfully.

You should see yourself enjoying the moment and feeling satisfied with your performance. You should attempt to enter fully into the image with all the power of your senses and representation channels. See, hear, feel, touch, smell and perform as you would like to perform for real. It's also worth noting that when you are in a fully relaxed state, you are particularly receptive to mental imagery, so using the relaxation and focus techniques mentioned earlier will definitely help with this process.

But what can Mental Imagery be used for?

Well it has many applications before, during and after a round:

You can use Mental Imagery to visualise success: Many golfers "see" themselves achieving their goals on a regular basis, performing skills at a high level and seeing the desired performance outcomes. Remember, your subconscious mind does not cheap Todd McClure jersey differentiate between what's imagined and what's real. So rehearse enough mentally, and your mind will believe.

You can use Mental Imagery to motivate yourself. Before or during a round or practice session, calling up images of your goals for that session, or of a past or future competition or competitor - can act as a motivator. It can remind you of your objectives, which can result in increased focus during your round or practice session.

You can use Mental Imagery to perfect skills. Mental imagery is often used to aid the learning and refinement of skills. The best golfers "see" and "feel" themselves performing perfect shots, routines and golfing skills on cheap Matt Bosher jersey.

You can use Mental Imagery to familiarise yourself- with all kinds of things, such as a course or hole layout, seeing how you will play each hole, a game plan - familiarise yourself with what you will do in a competition environment, refocusing plan - what is it - how do you get back into it when things go wrong. There are many applications where Mental imagery can help you become cheap Garrett Reynolds jersey familiar with something.

You can use Mental Imagery to help you refocus. Mental imagery can be useful in helping you to re focus when the need arises. For example, if during your warm-up you're feeling sluggish, imagining a previous best round or previous quality drive can help get things back on track. You can also use imagery as a means of refocusing during the event if need be. 



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