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Golf Putting Tips

 These cheap Matt Ryan jersey golf putting tips will help you perform better in, what I believe, is the most important area of your golf game.

During every round of golf you play, you will use your putter significantly more than any other club in the bag. Because of that one simple statistic, putting offers you much greater scope to lower your scores and your handicap compared to any other aspect of the game. Better yet...

Unlike the full swing, putting doesn't demand that you have incredible co-ordination, timing, flexibility and strength. Any golfer, cheap John Abraham jersey regardless of age or current ability can become a competent, consistent putter with the right technique and practice. Consider this...

If you take more than 36 putts during a round of golf, you're throwing away shots. Most club-golfers take upwards of 40 putts per round. That's like standing on the first tee and making half a dozen air shots before you start! With a small amount of effort you can easily and regularly hit the 36 putts per round mark (or better).

CHECK YOUR PUTTING SET UP cheap Thomas DeCoud jersey A good set up is the foundation of great putting. Most amateur golfers I see are lazy with their set up and their putting alignment. Yes, it is possible to sink a putt whilst aiming off line, but you'll never build consistency if you don't become fanatical about setting up.

So, check the alignment of your feet, your hips and shoulders. They should all run parallel left of the hole (for the right-handed golfer).

The ball should be positioned slightly ahead of centre in your stance and your hands should be slightly ahead of the ball (club shaft should point just to the left of your belt buckle). Also make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball.


I see a couple of common mistakes amongst club-level golfers when it comes to their putting stroke...

Firstly, the backswing should be equal to the follow through. A lot of golfers make the same, big old backswing for every putt and then decelerate the putter to hit a shorter distance. There's no future in this. Make the backswing and the follow through the same length and adjust both for shorter and longer putts.

Secondly, and related to the above, is putting rhythm or cadence. Each and every putt (regardless of length) should have cheap Sean Weatherspoon jersey the same rhythm. A good way to test this is with a metronome (for the tech savvy, you can get a free metronome app for your mobile phone). Set it to about 75 beats per minute. On one bleep, start the back stroke. On the next beep, the putter face should strike the ball. Try making very short and very long putts keeping the same rhythm.

Thirdly, keep your lower body very still during the putting stroke. We want as few moving parts, and so as few variables to worry about, as possible. A good putting stroke comes from a rocking of the shoulders with firm wrists.


Most amateur golfers I work with, tend to spend a lot of time trying to read the precise line of their putts and much less time focusing on their distance control. 



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