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How to Build the Perfect Golf Swing

 There is no doubt that the golf swing is a relatively complex mechanical action that requires a specific sequence of movements in order to create a dynamic impact position.

One of the top swing flaws is 'paralysis by analysis' which destroys the natural flow of the swing.

I think Cheap Jets Jerseys the very worst thing that a golfer could do is purchase golf magazines or instructional books with the intention of getting the club into 3 or 4 positions in the back swing and 3 or 4 positions in the downswing.

The golf swing is meant to be a natural movement. It should be a nice fluid, free flowing movement from start to finish.

With this in mind let's commence with the 5 steps necessary to create the perfect golf swing;

1. Develop a pre shot routine A pre shot routine is the sequence of events that occurs right after you select the club from your bag to the moment just before you begin your backswing. You need to develop a consistent pre-shot routine which serves the purpose of keeping you relaxed and focused as you commence your golf swing.

I recommend you commence by placing your golf club behind your ball and visualize a line running through the center of your club, through the ball and dissecting the target.

Ensure you place the club behind the ball with the hand furthest from the target and stand open to the target when you are squaring the club. It is easier to align the club square to the target by standing in an open position.

Once you are satisfied that your club is square to the target, set up your stance, hips and shoulders square to the target line, ensuring all the time that the original club head alignment is maintained.

Next put your other hand on the grip and maintain light grip pressure by giving your club head a few waggles.

2. Commence a smooth one piece takeaway Become aware that your arms and the club head form a natural triangle i.e. there is a triangle formed between your arms and the golf grip. You need to swing the triangle back until your back is completely turned to the target.

Do not consciously try to cock your wrists at any stage; if your grip pressure is light these will cock naturally toward the end of the backswing. The only thought occupying your mind should be nice smooth rhythm.

3. Retain the flex in your right knee As you reach the top of Cheap Cardinals Jerseys your backswing, you must ensure that your right knee has not straightened. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to setup at address with a nice flexed right knee and tilt this slightly in towards the ball. Focus on maintaining the inward tilt throughout the swing.

4. The down swing is initiated by your legs. Feel your down swing commencing by a slight movement of your left knee towards the target. This will cause club head lag in which your wrists are pulled down on the back of the ball while retaining the full wrist hinge from the top of the backswing. A nice thought to bear in mind is 'butt of shaft to back of ball'.

This ensures you have a late release coming in to the back of the ball and deliver Cheap Lions Jerseys a powerful, crisp impact with the ball.

5. Think Rhythm When you swing a golf club you should visualize your favorite golf pros swing in your mind and think rhythm. Try to duplicate their rhythm and think of nothing else. This single swing thought will ensure a nice smooth swing and you will begin to swing the club naturally and thus powerfully.

So to summarize develop a consistent pre shot routine that incorporates square alignment, a few waggles and light grip pressure. Swing the triangle back with light grip pressure and turn your back on the Cheap Bengals Jerseys target. Commence the downswing with the leadership of your legs and finish the swing in balance.

The single greatest swing thought to focus on is 'rhythm'.

Do this and stop breaking a natural motion down into its component parts. You will be delighted at how consistently you begin to strike the ball for every club in the bag.



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