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How To Find Time To Work When Your Kids Are Home And You Work From Home

 Working from home is a dream for many, or so they think. We get flooded with emails on a daily basis at http://Genuinejobs.com from new moms who are looking for a job they can do from home, while still being able to take care of their children. I'm sure they get some sort of parental leave with pay from their regular job, but they see it as an opportunity to earn extra money while they're on leave.

Then there are those of us who simply can't go to work outside the home as paying for daycare etc is not within budget. That was somewhat our case when I first started working out of my home office so many years ago. My wife was heading back A.J. Jenkins Jerseys to school to complete her nursing degree, but we couldn't afford daycare for 3 children. It came down to me telecommuting a few days a week from the start, then I made the complete move to working from home on a full time basis.

Our girls were in school full time at this point, so during school hours I had a ton of time to get my work done, except for the few days a year they were at home sick. The true test on how "great" working from home is, came when they were off for school breaks like Summer, Christmas and Spring time.

Finding a routine that worked for me was very hard at the start. I then decided to work around their schedule, Carlos Rogers Jerseys though it meant getting a bit earlier every morning. I noticed that they didn't get up until 10-11 am every morning, so I would wake up and get started each morning around 6 am. Not only did I get a jump start on my day by getting up early and getting work done, I also had the opportunity to spend time with our girls when most parents would be at work.

I also created a couple other system which our girls learned to follow. It's now common knowledge that when my office door is closed that I'm either trying to concentrate Joe Staley Jerseys on something or I'm on a call of some sort. Basically, when the door is closed, be quiet as you can and avoid the part of the house with dad's office. Then there's the huge calendar that's hung within eyesight in my office. Being home with them usually means having to drive them to whatever activity they're involved with and all the doctor and dentists appointments. And then there's the "we need a ride to the mall". I fill in my schedule into that calendar and with once glance they can easily see how packed my day/week/month is. A packed schedule usually meant that they didn't come too often for a ride somewhere.

Working from home and having children can be a bit testing at the start, but with some close planning and working around schedules, you'll love every 49ers Jerseys minute of it. To this day we've never paid for daycare. 




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