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Kamloops Golf Courses - Tobiano Golf Course Review

 Kamloops Golf Courses - Tobiano Golf Course Review

If you are looking for some great Kamloops Golf Courses to play, I highly recommend Tobiano Golf Course.

Hi, my name is Jason Smith and I recently had the pleasure of playing Tobiano Golf Course in Kamloops for the first time. I am an avid golfer from Calgary Alberta who plays between 20-30 rounds per year, and carry a 6 handicap. I was authentic Raiders jerseys cheap fortunate enough to take some holidays in the Okanagan this summer, and played most of the top golf courses in the area. I had heard about Tobiano from a friend, but I was not expecting anything extraordinary from the other premier courses I am used to playing. To my surprise, I experienced a truly amazing course which exceeded my expectations in every way, and I now consider this to be the best golf course in Western Canada. I was so impressed with every aspect of this course, I decided to give my testimonial in the form of this video.

From the moment I drove up to the club house, I was taken aback from the natural beauty of the landscape. In the middle of endless desert-like cheap nfl nike jerseys scrubland, I found rich dark-green links nestled in between, while running alongside the crystal blue waters of Kamloops Lake. The view approaching the course was stunning enough for me to stop the car and take in the view for a moment.

Needless to say I was anxious to play, and I wasted no time checking in and heading to the practice range for my warmup. The range featured perfectly stacked pyramids of balls, accurate distance markers, and real greens with flag-sticks to target. Despite some poor warmup shots, I really felt like a pro on this range.

Moving onto the first tee box, I had to choose from one of the five tees to play. I was feeling pretty confident with my game, so I chose authentic Buccaneers jerseys cheap the Iron tees, which are the second longest tees at just over 7100 yards. Stepping onto the tee box was like stepping onto a green. They were flat and short-cut, and well maintained, giving me one less worry getting off the tee with success.

Heading out to the fairway was no different. These fairways were definitely the best I have ever played on, and striking the ball on them was a treat. My only regret was hitting fewer of them than I would have liked! These fairways were again like greens, they provided soft landings, and allowed for amazing backspin on well struck approach shots. I really felt bad taking divots on these fairways, cause they were just to nice to markup!

On occasion I hit a green in regulation, and when I did there were always opportunities to score well. Perfectly cut and fairly fast, the greens were challenging but not impossible. Putts were rolling consistently and true, and although birdies were at a premium for me on this day, I only recorded one three putt, and I certainly had my share of close encounters with the hole!

Throughout the round I found myself authentic Browns jerseys cheap breathless. If it wasn't the stunning views overlooking the lake, it was the multiple ravines and narrow rolling fairways that would leave me hanging on a regular basis. Visually the course is quite intimidating, however it is not unforgiving. There is a good variety of holes that let you hit all the clubs in your bag (if you dare), and if you did have a bad hole, one look off into the view would ease the pain a little. From time to time the local wild life would make an appearance to watch, or make fun of me (I couldn't always tell). 




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