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Nba History Of The Philadelphia 76ers

 The Philadelphia 76ers are a professional basketball team. The team plays in a league called the National Basketball Association. This league is commonly accepted to be the highest level of competition in the world. They play in the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division.

The 76ers were founded in 1939. They did not initially play in the NBA. They began their play being known as the Syracuse Reds and the Syracuse Nationals. When they joined the NBA in 1949 they were still known as the Syracuse Nationals. The team continued to go by this name until 1963. In 1963 the team moved to Philadelphia and too on the name of the Cheap Jerseys.

In their history the team has managed 3 NBA Championship, 5 Conference Titles and 11 Division Titles. The franchise really made a splash from the beginning when they joined the NBA.

In their first NBA season the franchise managed to win their Division title. They would continue a winning trend for the rest of the 1950’s and managed to win their division three separate times in that decade. The last division title game in 1955.
The last division title in the 50’s would by far be the sweetest of them all. They had never won a championship to that point and they were hungry to take home their first one. They fought hard and made their way to the NBA Finals. The team managed to win their first NBA Championship in 1955.

Things started to slow down for the team after that championship season. They weren’t able to string together the same sort of success for many seasons. It was more than a decade later that they won their next division title.

After winning that division title in the 1965-66 season it seemed that the team was back on track. They were not able to win the championship that season, but they were getting the team ready to make another run.

In the 1966-67 season everything seemed to click for the 76ers. The team had recently moved to Philadelphia and they had a lot of fan support cheap NIKE Youth Jerseys jerseys. They also had one of the best big men of all time. This big man was known as Wilt Chamberlain. Many remember Chamberlain for his play on the Lakers, but he was very successful before joining the Lakers. He managed to lead the team to a 46-4 start to that season. They managed 68 wins overall in the regular season. They went on to win the championship for the 2nd time in franchise history with a victory over the Warriors.

The team eventually experienced another fall. It looked like they were down in the dumps, but the team made an acquisition that would change it all. We remember this player as Dr cheap Detroit Lions jerseys. J. Dr. J, or Julius Erving, was a star that led the team to the finals 4 separate times. The team even managed to win the whole thing in 1983 with Dr. J at the helm. People remember him as one of the greatest, most exciting players of all time.

The 76ers have not won a championship since 1983, but they have seen great times when led by stars such as Allen Iverson cheap San Diego Chargers jerseys. The team is currently in a poor state and hopes to turn it around in 2010-11. 




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