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The Dispute Intensified Bundesliga Golden Boot

 The Dispute Intensified Bundesliga Golden BootBeijing 15th January 2011, the German with the Cheap Soccer Jersey "Bild" to reconsider the Golden Boot competition Bundesliga variables will be put on paper in the competition top scorer in the Bundesliga for a new order. Bundesliga after the war in the second half, scored 10 goals in the last half of the dominant factors and Almeida go to him the National League, Shinji Kagawa back half of the best in the Asian Cup, Dortmund, knocking in the goals short term no, that's injured striker played most of the opportunity - who live in the top ten scoring striker, only four of 12 players healthy. Marker Greece temporarily Pa Ye Kasi has admitted to fear and dominance, the most promising Gomez.Golden Shoe of the Bundesliga in recent seasons rival the most powerful and dominant and went to England for Manchester City to the aspirations of other good shooters get more opportunities, another good striker, Portugal striker Almeida also switched to winter Besiktas, the top Bundesliga scoring charts for a time less and less crowded. Currently, 14 goals in 17 games and the top scorer in Kasi Ye in 116 Bundesliga with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys appearances in 53 Cheap Jerseys balls were, but he was not optimistic about their top scorer in the Bundesliga again won the title He took the "image," said Interview "In the past, the dominant factors is my biggest competitor, I'm always afraid that the night behind me now I'm more optimistic about the striker Bayern Gomez, I have done so far, and his teammates. Do you maintain a good relationship, in which 20 goals this season to complete the process? "Their status is adjusted to better keep the team needs me the next half goals to be. "Half striker scored 13 goals in second place in the live Pappy - West is not so polite to the rising Raiders Jersey Cheap star of respect objectives this season Golden Boot: "My goal is the best striker I win'm all events in the future, everything. But football is too unpredictable; maybe I can pass the 20 doors. "Also, can not find the season, the feeling was strong competitor Raul with the Germany Soccer Jersey is also the Golden Boot in his own half of a 2 hat-trick becomes even war in Europe's Champions League goals in 70 goals against his side . Instead, we see the very Packers Jersey Cheap short personal enrichment. "I only care about whether I could help the team achieve the desired results, the interests of personal honor, still under the team"In addition, a number of good shooters, but the rest of this turning point in time, for different violations. Kaiser striker scored 11 goals in the rest jiqi bed for several days, he suffered the brutal attack of influenza desire for Golden Boot: "I know nothing of winning the Golden Boat Care I can not, of course as soon as possible hope the stadium?”Hannover striker in surgery of the meniscus Conan 9 Ball returns to the height of the day in Jets Jersey Cheap the foreseeable future. More than half of the Bundesliga race, there are so many variables that people with the Germany Jersey Soccer do not expect will result in more accidents quarter, Golden Shoe of him? 



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