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The Long Road to High Fashion Louis Vuitton's History

 When it comes to chic style, nothing can rival the distinction of a Louis Vuitton purse, Louis Vuitton wallet, or Louis Vuitton sunglasses. Diehard brand loyalists think nothing of handing over an entire paycheck just for a small handbag. Some of the world's most prominent actors, musicians, and models are often photographed carrying the latest Louis Vuitton fashions.

So what is the motivation for such high demand? What makes Louis Vuitton purses so much better than other handbags?

For Cheap Canada Goose Banff Parka one thing, the fashion house is rooted in a long, quality-driven heritage. Since its inception in 1821, the company has been creating some of the industry's finest designer luggage pieces and handbags. Louis Vuitton himself first began working from a small shop in Paris, France. After demand increased among travelers, he increased production of his steamer bag, "Keepall" overnight bag, and flat carrying case. Today, the Keepall is still one of the designer's most widely demanded travel pieces. From there, he expanded his designs to include carry-on bags, cosmetics bags, miniature trunks, jewelry cases, computer bags, and more.

Over time, Louis Vuitton began designing luxury watches and, with the addition of his son Georgie to the design team, duffel bags and purses. When Georgie unveiled the monogrammed canvas motif, the design quickly took the fashion world by storm and became the hallmark of the brand. Three decades after launching the first store, the Louis Vuitton announced the opening of a London-based store. Throughout the 1900s, nearly 130 additional stores were opened throughout the world, responding to a growing international demand for the company's luxury wares.

Designer talent has always been Cheap Canada Goose Freestyle Vest a prime focus of the Louis Vuitton Company. After announcing a merger with designer Moet Hennessey in 1987, the fashion house partnered with acclaimed designer Marc Jacobs. Patrick Vuitton continued to supervise operations. In the new millennium, Louis Vuitton continues to bring in millions of dollars in profits each year, as demand remains steady for their luxury purses and accessories. Rivaled by such top brands as Fendi, Gucci, and Prada, Louis Vuitton remains a fashion icon throughout Africa, India, Japan, China, and Korea, in addition to the United States.

In spite of cutting-edge technologies that have made production more efficient, the Louis Vuitton designers have adhered to rigorous standards of craftsmanship, never using machines or assembly lines to produce their fine goods. Master artisans train new apprentices in the fine art of leatherworking, ensuring that Cheap Canada Goose Manitoba Parka each and every product offers premium quality and durability.

Classic Louis Vuitton Styles

Over time, there have been certain time-honored favorites that have enjoyed a consistent demand among consumers:

? Mimicking the popular Keepall travel bag, the Speedy is a roomy Louis Vuitton handbag with an oversized main compartment that accommodates all of your everyday essentials -- and then some. Several style options are available.

? As its name implies, the Neverfull is spacious enough to take anything you can throw into it. Choose from a wide array of colors, fabrics, and sizes. If you're looking for a substantially sized purse without unwieldy bulk, the Neverfull is for you.

? With its Cheap Canada Goose Kids drawstring closure, the long-acclaimed Noe has been a Louis Vuitton fixture since its 1932 debut.

? A playful oyster shell shape distinguishes the Elipse bag. Consumers can choose from two versatile sizes, both boasting the same lighthearted style.

If you're looking for a high-fashion, heirloom-quality accessory to call your own, you can't go wrong with a Louis Vuitton handbag!? 




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