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Why less can be more at Christmas

 Christmas is often a time of year when we think of more and not less. When in reality, less really is more. In our society it has become socially acceptable to have everything in sight and the more we have the better. From an economic stand point and one of common sense, less is really better. Many family jay cutler cheap jerseys budgets cannot withstand the expenses that come with the Christmas season. Think of all of that "stuff" that you have in your home. You probably cannot even remember the last time you used a lot of it. This just reinforces that fact that less really is more. The clutter, stuff, and things that go with the Christmas season are really just stuff and more. Once you begin to accept the fact that you have too much stuff, you can begin to focus on the important things in your life. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your family. Think of Christmas in simple terms, as your family will thank you. When is the last time that you and your family cooked a meal together? Can you recall the last time you sat Mike Wallace cheap jerseys down and engaged in a board game as a family? These are just two very simple things that you can do to reconnect with your family this Christmas season. This doesn't involve a lot of money, things, or planning. It does involve your time. Time is probably the #1 thing that you can DeSean Jackson cheap jerseys offer your family this Christmas season. It cannot be bought or sold, just given through your heart. By enjoying the sights and sounds of the Christmas season, you will be reminded that less really is more. A stroll or drive through your neighborhood is a wonderful way to share the glory of the season. From outdoor lights, decorated pine trees, Santa and his sleigh, to a brightly lit star on the top of a house; you will be reminded of how wonderful a simple gesture can be. The spirit of the Christmas season will shine through the beautiful holiday decorations in your neighborhood. When we don't focus on all of the stuff that accompanies Christmas, we can focus on the Arian Foster cheap jerseys relationships within our families. Christmas is about love. It is not about shopping, spending money, or who can wrap the fanciest present. By getting back to the basics, your family will thank you for showing them that Christmas is much better when there is less. Remember you time is priceless and the time spent with loved ones is truly a gift! 




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